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aBout John

  • Have you ever felt unorganized when running your business or startup?
  • Are you someone that knows your product inside and out but somehow can’t get a handle on
    the weekly business tasks? 
  • Do you avoid bookkeeping like the plague?

If you’ve answered yes, know that you’re not alone. Too many businesses often fall prey to hard times because they’re not organized. They have an amazing product or service but avoid spending time on bookkeeping, creating a positive culture, marketing, or finding the best ways to be efficient. It isn’t because they are unable to do these tasks; they just want to focus on the core of their business - the product. 

My name is John, and I am a creative operations specialist that helps startups and small businesses organize the operations side of their companies.

I’ve spent over 7 years working with startups, organizations, and family owned businesses establish routines that tackle some of their most pressing issues. From sales to general bookkeeping, I eliminate your stress by providing clear and understandable steps you can immediately take now. I also work with you and am a hands-on specialist.  

You are only steps away from developing systems that run like clockwork, being able speak confidently about the direction of your business, and giving yourself a less stressful life.

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Current Projects / Companies

Bitcore, StartNow Pittsburgh, Quayle Creative

Past Work Includes

Thrival Innovation + Music Festival, Oldham Gas, AlphaLab Gear, Up Global, Pittsburgh Young Professionals, BOMA, Paste Magazine, Bloguin, Music City Unsigned, GACC Printing, Pittsburgh Penguins, Forest City Enterprises


PGH Geek Breakfast, Entreburgh, TEDxGrandviewAve,
Startup Weekend Pittsburgh, Univ. of Pittsburgh Entrepreneurship 101, PGH Data Works

Business Developer.
Graphic Designer.

Board Member.
Startup Advisor.

Event Organizer.

Dish Washer.

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When a company is looking to reach the next level of success, the formula for that success often comes with 10 different ideas, 100 pieces to manage, and a vision that needs stabilized. I assist companies and organizations when they’re in their most
critical moments. 

I genuinely enjoy meeting fellow entrepreneurs & learning about their companies. Reach out if you’re interested in the Pittsburgh startup landscape, building a solid business, or if your company needs assistance taking that next big leap forward.

What clients are saying...

John always conducted himself in a professional manner, while always being extremely approachable and receptive to feedback… He worked under tight deadlines, last minute asks and at times, a heavy workload, and always came through with fantastic results…” - D. Belko

John is the consummate professional. He was thorough, thoughtful, and prompt with each reply/communication! Most importantly, he is trusting and reliable. I highly recommend working with him…” - M. Ebrescia

John helped me to get organized! John’s attention to detail is impeccable. He is very good at establishing policy, meeting deadlines, project creation and implementation. John has no trouble finding solutions to complex problems…” - D. Jackson


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