A PGH Entrepreneur

About John

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Current Projects / Companies

Bitcore, StartNow Pittsburgh, The Capital Breakfasts

Past Work Includes

Thrival Innovation + Music Festival, Oldham Gas, AlphaLab Gear, Up Global, Pittsburgh Young Professionals, BOMA, Paste Magazine, Bloguin, Music City Unsigned, GACC Printing, Pittsburgh Penguins, Forest City Enterprises


PGH Geek Breakfast, Entreburgh, TEDxGrandviewAve,
Startup Weekend Pittsburgh, Univ. of Pittsburgh Entrepreneurship 101, PGH Data Works - Intersect

Business Developer.
Graphic Designer.

Board Member.
Startup Advisor.

Event Organizer.

Dish Washer.

We should collaborate

When was the last time you faced an insurmountable task in your working life? What did you do to get past the roadblock and who assisted you in the process?

When a company is looking to reach the next level of success, the formula for that success often comes with 10 different ideas, 100 pieces to manage, and a vision that needs stabilized. I assist companies and organizations when they’re in their most
critical moments. 

What can you expect working with me?

  • I work quickly - you will get your work on time as requested. Being organized is a key component to my success.
  • I’m brutally honest - I make recommendations that are best for you, not me.
  • I’m a businessman first - results for your business or organization is my top priority. I’m not a creative prima dona - the business always comes before the “creative process”.

I genuinely enjoy meeting fellow entrepreneurs & learning about new projects. Reach out if you’re interested in the Pittsburgh startup landscape, building a startup, or if your company needs assistance taking that next big leap forward. 

The best and easiest way to begin our discussion is to fill out the form below. When you send me a message, please be as detailed as you can be with your project or idea.

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