Harness the Power of Action

QCC is an operations consultancy that assists growing companies execute on their operations and communications roadmaps to achieve higher revenue, faster growth, and brand consistency.

As a part-time executive for hire, I exist to move your business forward towards success. By being a neutral voice in the room, I give you the freedom to choose the best path forward without being distracted by the stress of it all. Once the road map is set, I work with you and for you to achieve faster results by leveraging skill-sets, expertise, and networks. 


Business Planning & Execution

Being a small business owner or the co-founder of a startup can bring an unwanted amount of stress in your life since there are always 100 things to do at any given moment.

I’ll jump into the fray by by reviewing your business plan (or writing it) and then carry out all the behind the scene tasks that get you closer to success. This may include finance review, hiring new employees, implementing policies, driving business development, finding investors, and automating existing routines. 

Communications / Branding

When building a brand, consistency is key. From the style of communication down to the graphics, I have you covered for everything you need. 

On the design side, I’ll create logos, icons, banners, business cards, custom graphics for social media, light websites, and email newsletters
for your company. 

On the communications side, I’ll create, edit, and proofread body copy for all needed materials while shaping the tone and voice of your brand. 

Event Planning

For those in the event space, carrying out a great event takes commitment, planning, and an incredible team. Not only will I assist in the overall strategy for your event, but I’ll also help you formalize the budgets, programing, sponsorship requests, outreach, ticketing, food & beverage options.

I’ll be the engine behind the scenes that keeps everyone on track, moves pieces at the right time, and act as the project manager that provides
an incredible experience. 

Let's move forward together.

Contact me for a free assessment to see how I might be able to help and are the right fit to bring your vision to life.