Areas of Concentration

General Operations

Feeling overwhelmed and uneasy knowing that there is so much to do? Stop making band aide hires to deal with work overflow.

We take pride in collaborating with companies in identifying priorities and executing on the never ending list of tasks. We’ll be your extra set of eyes, ears, and hands to get said tasks done. Small businesses can rely on us to get “it” done - no matter the assignment, stress, complexity level, or lack of clarity traveling into the unknown. 

Sales / Business Development

Having a great sales and business development team can cure most ailing issues for small businesses. Choosing the right plan of action and direction for this department can be a daunting task. We’ll identity actionable and repeatable steps that your staff can follow, while choosing tools, resources, and education platforms your sales team can use to achieve even greater results. Additionally, we’ll help you focus on developing key partnerships that will benefit your team in the long run. 

Financial Evaluation

Maximizing the power and efficiency of your capital should be on every business owner or executive’s mind. When was the last time that the company combed through the budget on a granular level? Let us assist in identifying between the absolute necessities, the nice to haves, and the perhaps
next years.  

Take away all the mystery when it comes to your budget and take control of how your capital is being used - even down to the penny. 


Hiring the right (or wrong) professional for the job will dramatically affect how much growth your business will have. However, for many business owners, hiring can be a time intensive and awkward experience.  Whether you’re developing your internship program for the first time, or if you’re out to hire a high ranking business executive, we’ll be there with you to identify who you need, what resources to use, how to qualify individuals from hundreds of applications, and choosing the right person for the company. 


We’ll help you establish a repository of files that you’ll need and can edit later on all within your brand standards.

This can include (but not limited to): print / web logo files, signage, company descriptions for press / social media, templates for: NDAs - contractor agreements - employment agreements - invoices - purchase orders - partnership agreements – sponsorship requests - executive summaries, etc. 

Event Planning

We’ll help you set the roadmap so that you’re fully capable of producing an event that matches your vision. Developing a dependable organizing team is crucial to success, given the fact that there are so many areas to manage:  budget forecasting, ticketing, sponsorship requests, venue selection, food/drink logistics, promotions, speaker coordination, item creation & giveaways, volunteer selection & coordination, tech / equipment requirements, insurance, and security.