Success Stories

Project Challenges & Outcomes


Active X-it


A group of technologists and angels investors came together to form a group that wanted to introduce a new startup investment fund to Pittsburgh while creating an accelerator and non-profit education arm to it. This was an idea that needed to be built from scratch. QCC was brought on to research, develop, and manage the transformation from idea to reality.

Deliverables / Outcomes: 

  • Wrote / edited executive summaries
  • Created budget forecasting documents
  • Assisted with Locating / vetting partners
  • Developed investment general terms
    & goals
  • Acted as lead project manager
  • Designed all brand materials
  • Acted as the secretary for all meetings

Thrival Innovation + Music Festival


After a successful first year, the Thrival Innovation + Music Festival organizers knew they were going to organize this festival for years to come. Unfortunately, through the transition from the first year to the second year, they lost a few key team members. QCC stepped in to provide additional support with their marketing and communication strategy while serving in a asset manager / graphic designer capacity for the 2nd & 3rd years of the event. 

Deliverables / Outcomes: 

  • Assisted with the creation & management of all internal marketing assets. This included items such as signage, logos, icons, print banners, digital graphics, sponsorship packages, advertising / promotional graphics, maps, presentations, website development, stickers, and t-shirts.



<bitcore>, a small software agency, was originally looking for a contract designer as an addition to their team. It turned out that they needed a lot more, especially when it comes to settling the infrastructure of their business.

For one year QCC served as the company's Vice President of Business Development.

Deliverables / Outcomes: 

  • Oversaw sales, operations, branding, marketing departments
  • Led the hiring initiative for bringing on contract developers and sales personnel
  • Responsible for sourcing, qualifying, and securing new business